Monique Leygraaf
 Researcher & Teacher Educator on Social Justice (Teacher) Education


My name is Monique Leygraaf and I am working as a Researcher and Teacher Educator (lector) at University of Applied Sciences IPABO in Amsterdam. I hold a PhD in Humanities from the University of Amsterdam. At University of Applied Sciences IPABO I work with bachelor’s / undergraduate, master’s / graduate and PhD / doctoral students. I also cooperate with fellow teacher educators, fellow researchers and elementary school teachers. My research focuses on Social Justice (Teacher) Education. Specifically, I'm interested in various topics related to education(al) research and:

  • Social Justice
  • Power and power relations
  • Equity
  •  Privilege and positionality
  • Critical Literacy
  • Storytelling, storylistening & storymaking
  •  Critical Citizenship

Regarding forms of educational research, I am particularly interested in forms of critical autoethnography. 

I was (co-)chair of Research and Development Centre Education for Social Justice, Equity and Diversity of ATEE (Association for Teacher Education in Europe from 2009-2020.

In my free time, I love to read, listen to Jazz & Blues, hike and hang out with friends. With some of my friends I ran a small bookstore for 'slow reading', specialized in bibliography, typography and book history from 2015-2019.

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